The most basic reason for calibrating an instrument is to ensure that it is reading accurately. This is done by comparing the Instrument Under Test (IUT), to a Calibrator of known output and high accuracy which is known as a ‘Standard’.

Our Calibrators are UKAS traceable and extremely accurate, meaning they can act as a Standard for all electrical test and measurement instruments or meters on the market. The second device is known as the Instrument Under Test (IUT), which is the clients meter/s that we test on site as a part of our service. When performing a calibration, we make a comparison between our Standard (Calibrator) and the IUT and records the results. These results are provided to the client along with Pass/Fail advice for each function of the meter. The Pass/Fail is given according to whether results are within the meter manufacturers advised tolerances or not.

Your Portable Appliance Tester is required to have its calibration checked on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, with 12 months being the normal recommended minimum time frame. This calibration verification is required so that you as the operator can be assured that the results from the Portable Appliance Tester ( PAT ) are accurate, so you can be confident that your Portable Appliance Tester is not passing equipment that FAILS to meet the IET Guidelines.
PTS Calibrations provide a cost effective Portable Appliance Tester ( PAT ) calibration verification service. As part of our PAT Tester Calibration service we issue a calibration certificate which details all values obtained under calibration, so that you can be certain of the results. We use fully traceable standards for all our testing.
We also provide a reminder service so you never have to worry about your PAT being out of calibration again, just leave it up to us.
We appreciate you need your test equipment with the least amount of downtime.